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Cynthia Massage

I have been doing Henna Body Art since 2003, but I have been doing Massage Therapy since 1992!


I left teaching elementary school when I felt truly called by God to this work. I LOVE what I do and it helps people manage stress, feel better and can improve chronic conditions. Stress is responsible for upwards of 80% of all illness. So, practice good self-care/health-care with regular Massage Therapy. Nurturing human touch can be sorely lacking in our fast paced, electronically centered world. It is not a luxury, but a necessity.






Rest your mind, relax your body and renew your spirit .

I have studied at different schools in Tennessee, Georgia, and California. Most of the techniques I know and prefer to use are not as well known to people. My favorite thing to do is combine these different modalities for a truly unforgettable, relaxing and effective massage tailored to your body's needs. I recommend at least 90 minutes and I like to do 120 or 160 minutes. You will float home and should probably get a ride.

Esalen and/or MFR     75 minutes...$75.00     90 minutes...$90.00

Esalen + MFR + Kansa Wand     120 minutes...$120.00

AromaTouch + Kansa Wand     60 minutes...$75.00

The need to expereince it!

Esalen + MFR + Kansa Wand + AromaTouch     160 minutes...$175.00

Esalen Massage

This style is a lot like Swedish Massage. It incorporates long fluid strokes to calm and relax the nervous system. I can also do detailed work on problem areas without causing discomfort or soreness after wards. My specialty is head, neck and shoulder work since most people wear their shoulders as earrings. Sinus issues and headaches respond well to these techniques plus MFR.

Myofascial Release/MFR

This technique is working on the fascial system of the body. This is a system of connective tissue that surrounds everything down to the cellular level. The fascia or connective tissue is composed of three layers; the collagen, the elastin, and the ground substance. It takes time to get through the three layers and rehydrate the ground substance. MFR usually entails traction or holds lasting 3-5 minutes per area on average until the fascial restrictions start to "unwind" and let go of the constricting hold they have had on bones, muscles and surrounding tissue. Trigger point work can also be utilized. This technique truly works at a deep level, but it can feel very subtle and relaxing. Chronic injuries/problems/conditions respond very well to this type of work.

To learn more about MFR, go to:

Kansa Wand

This is a technique utilizing a tool made of bronze and wood. Bronze is a very healing metal. This tool works on the piezoelectric system, which is the same system MFR works on as well. There are different sized tools for different parts of the body. I use the small tool on the face and feet and the larger one on larger muscles of the body. This technique is from Ayurvedic medicine. It is great for reducing inflammation and adhesions/scars. A face massage with this wand feels fabulous and is very rejuvenating.

To learn more, go to:

AromaTouch Technique

I use doTerra pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils in my Massage Practice. I love how dedicated this company is to the highest quality product and business ethics. 

This is a very precise application of pure Essential Oils to the back, head, and feet. These oils are known for their calming, balancing, anti-microbial, immune boosting and energizing properties…to name a few.  The body always benefits from the power of human touch as well. This treatment is recommended once a month and should always be considered when you have:

  • Stress from work or family

  • Cold and flu season

  • Trouble getting enough sleep

  • Air travel

  • Emotional upsets

  • Overworked muscles

  • A Need For Rebalancing

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