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All Natural Henna
Two hour minimum
10-12 designs per hour
Glitter Tattoos
Two hour minimum
10-12 designs per hour
Henna is always the hit of the party!
This is great for teen or adult events. The paste needs at least twenty minutes to dry so it is not the best option for younger, active kids especially if there is a bounce house!  :)


Your guests will enjoy beautiful/cool designs that last for 1-2 weeks, on average, depending on where the design is placed and the aftercare. 
Appropriate design books are provided for guests to choose what they like. Then all designs are drawn freehand.  So each is an individual work of art.
On approval, I also like to add cosmetic grade glitter on top of the fresh henna paste.  It adds beauty & sparkle and helps prevent smudges.
**I only use safe, all-natural henna that I make myself.  It contains crushed henna leaves, lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils and sometimes coffee or apple juice.**
Please....never ever get "black henna".  It is not henna, but a chemical dye (PPD) that is not skin safe.  Always ask your artist if they made the henna and what is in it.


Sparkly, beautiful, wow!
This is a great option for any age, especially young children as it dries right away and it won't smear.  Also, the perfect option for pool parties!​
Glitter Tattoos are applied using a stencil design the guest chooses, then a medical grade, skin safe adhesive is applied and dried until clear.  Fine, cosmetic grade glitter of their choosing is put on.  When the excess is brushed off a spectacular design is revealed.
These beauties are waterproof and usually last 3-7 days.  Mica can also be used for a less sparkly effect and lasts 2-4 days.  Black mica looks like a tattoo.
I have over 125 designs to choose from!
Flash Tattoos
Two hour minimum
10-14 designs per hour
lotus 1.jpg
Freehand Glitter Tattoos
Private appointments start at $25.00 for Henna or Glitter.
Flat Jewelry with "flash"!
Flash Tattoos are pre-set designs in various shapes and styles. I usually have gold, silver, black and white designs in stock. These sit o top of the skin and should not be rubbed directly. 
Make a Statement!
With this option, designs are drawn by hand with the adhesive instead of using stencils.  This way you can do names and henna-like designs.
This is a wonderful option for private appointments and larger pieces of Body Art for special occasions such as a wedding or prom.
Designs are waterproof and last 3-7 days.​
Freehand glitter can also be used to decorate a henna design after the paste is removed...very, very beautiful and unique!
Festival Glitter & Glam
Two hour minimum
8-14 designs per hour
The HOTTEST TREND right now!
Festival Glitter & Glam can be as simple as a swipe of glitter around the eye or as elaborate as having the Glitter designs enhanced with beautiful gem clusters and face paint and powder accents.
I only use professional-grade makeup/face paints, supplies and cosmetic grade glitters. 
Teens and adults love this Body Art. Everything washes off with soap and water so this is a truly temporary activity.
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